Knowledge Value Chain® Handbook

KVC Handbook Cover.bmp CROPThe KVC Handbook – Version 4.0 is a 121-page electronic book containing slides, text, and discussion and reference materials.  It explains in detail the seven-step transformation of data into enterprise value.  It’s ideal for training knowledge producers and users, for diagnostic and corrective interventions, and for reference.

The Handbook itself embodies an innovative high-value approach to conveying practical business information.  It contains a minimum of business jargon, and key points are headlined in bullet points. Dozens of full-color illustrations make it easy to understand and apply. It’s ideal for anyone whose time, attention, and tolerance for opaque “consult-speak” are stretched thin.

In short, The KVC Handbook is not a conventional business book. That’s not what our clients wanted, and not what we intended. So then, what is it?

  • It’s a primer on the applied economics of information and knowledge
  • It’s a user’s manual for producers and users of intelligence and knowledge
  • It’s a trouble-shooting tool for quickly identifying and fixing knowledge-value gaps
  • It’s an ideation engine that helps you use data, information, intelligence, and knowledge more effectively.

You will read through the Handbook in one or two sittings — and soon be ready to apply it to solving your challenges.

The Handbook includes the KVC Scorecard™, a self-assessment tool you can use to troubleshoot and increase the ROI of your own research, intelligence, and other knowledge assets.

Though written in English, the Handbook has been ordered from around the world.  It has been selected as a required textbook by Columbia University’s innovative Information and Knowledge Strategy program.

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What do industry and academic thought leaders say about the Handbook?

Yale School of Management Dean Edward A. Snyder:  “Offers many important insights for the modern economy.”

Microsoft Global KM Lead Jean-Claude Monney:  “Thanks for sharing your methodology. I like the approach.”

Columbia University instructor Guy St. Clair (President and Knowledge Services Evangelist, SMR International): “It’s going to be a textbook for my Information and Knowledge Strategy classes [K4301 Management and Leadership in the Knowledge Domain].  The whole idea of measures and metrics is so critical to successful knowledge services.”

Veteran business editor Kevin McKean (Principal, McKean Media; former editor, Consumer Reports, PC World): “Written with a simple, clear authority that most business books lack.  Highly relevant in this era of Big Data.”

SCIP Council of Fellows Chair and past President Clifford Kalb (Principal, C. Kalb Associates): “An elegantly prepared and meticulously articulated contribution to the intelligence and strategy literature.  A rare, well balanced combination of grounded academic theory and pragmatic, useful guidance.”

SCIP Fellow Seena Sharp (author of Competitive Intelligence Advantage, and President, Sharp Market Intelligence): “I looked to this book for useful tips, and I was not disappointed. Avoids ‘corporate speak,’ that awful business jargon of most books. Can benefit everyone in positions to make decisions, including all C-suite executives.”

SCIP Meritorious Award winner John McGonagle, writing in the newsletter of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE):  “I continue to highly recommend this for anyone involved with Competitive Intelligence training, on either side, and as an additional way to continue to market Competitive Intelligence inside an enterprise. The extensive appendixes alone are worth the price of the book.”

Previous Edition – KVC Workbook Version 3.2

John McGonagle in his review in Competitive Intelligence Magazine: “The Workbook can easily be used by CI professionals to explain how CI, together with other sources of knowledge, creates value in the decision-making process. Highly recommended.”

SCIP Meritorious Award winner and past President Mark Little: “We’re using the KVC as a teaching and diagnostic tool throughout our company, including with our Board.”

Head of the information center at a large pharmaceutical firm: “The KVC model gives us the tools to describe visually what our work consists of, so that our decision-maker clients become better informed consumers of our services.”

Senior strategy officer at a global consumer products firm: “We find your Workbook useful in defining an approach to move from data to action — something we are always trying to improve.”

What’s new in Version 4.0?

Version 4.0 includes these great improvements over previous versions: KVCH sample page gr

  • PDF format for convenient access
  • Interactive navigation tools
  • Links to external resources
  • All-new References and Glossary sections
  • Expanded KVC Scorecard™ self-assessment tool
  • Real-world examples from TKA case studies and our Knowledge Points of Pain (KPoP) research program
  • Updated look and feel (see sample page at right)
  • Nicer price — Version 3.2 sold for $100 — in softcover!

How can I get my copy?

Click above to order via PayPal (US$25).  This interactive PDF looks great on your tablet or desktop.  You may print one copy for your own use.  All electronic sales are final.

If you are a current or former client of The Knowledge Agency®, have attended one of our private clinics or public workshops, or have purchased a previous version of the KVC book, you may be eligible for a free upgrade to the Version 4.0 PDF.  Please contact us.

If you teach business strategy, competitive intelligence, knowledge management, or some related discipline, your students may also benefit — please contact us to see if you’re eligible for an evaluation copy.

FORMAT: Illustrated, high-resolution, interactive, printable PDF (5.3 MB)

TERMS: Personal license permits use on all devices owned by the purchasing user

AUTHOR: Timothy W. Powell

DESIGNER: John Fantini

PUBLISHER: TKA Eyes and Ears

ISBN: 978-0-9798414-1-5

COPYRIGHT: TXu1-359-935

Is there a hardcover version?

There is!  The limited-edition hardcover version is available on Amazon.  Its contents are identical to the electronic version.  The list price is US$45, but Amazon sets its own prices.

We offer discounts on direct orders of 20 or more copies from corporate or educational accounts.  These require a valid purchase order.  A deposit or full advance payment may also be required.