Enterprise Knowledge Optimization™

TKA offers a comprehensive knowledge and intelligence intervention called Enterprise Knowledge Optimization™ (EKO).

EKO consists of an assessment of your overall process and key individual assets within that process.  It delivers a customized evaluation and specific steps to improve your process—with a focus on its contribution to enterprise competitiveness and ROI.


  • SUPPLY SIDE INVENTORY.  TKA builds a comprehensive, data-level inventory of current information assets (for example, reports and briefings) and process steps.  This is done through information producer interviews and document reviews.
  • DEMAND SIDE REQUIREMENTS.  TKA surveys strategic information needs through user interviews and our independent review of trends in the competitive environment.
  • CONTENT MAPPING AND GAP ANALYSIS.  TKA maps information assets and component data against current strategy requirements and a value-based financial model of your enterprise.  In this way we identify overlaps and gaps.
  • PROCESS ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION.  Using the KVC Scorecard™ and other proprietary tools, TKA identifies strengths and weaknesses at the overall process level.
  • IMPROVEMENTS.  TKA recommends and helps you implement improvements going forward, which could include:
    • Reducing content gaps and redundancies
    • Aligning research budgets with current and future strategic priorities
    • Identifying leading indicators of strategic change, both quantitative and qualitative
    • Re-focusing and/or redesigning reports
    • Streamlining and optimizing workflow
    • Training and/or re-organizing staff
    • Providing research planning and roadmaps
    • Integrating research processes and assets using content management technologies such as SharePoint®

Case Examples

  • A leading health insurance company was concerned that their corporate research and intelligence function was not optimized for the coming challenges related to Health Care Reform.  TKA conducted comprehensive supply- and demand-side evaluations of the function, including interviews of research producers and business users.  This resulted in numerous specific recommendations to improve the research function’s overall effectiveness and readiness to address heightened strategic threats and opportunities.  Our recommendations included eliminating research redundancies that, once implemented, will save them more than three times our fee to conduct the evaluation—each year.
  • A global consulting firm had found that their market analysis work products were not getting the attention from senior management they deserved. TKA evaluated and redesigned key internal work products.  This improved their attractiveness, relevance, and usefulness  to senior decision-makers—thereby raising the profile and effectiveness of the entire group.