Knowledge Value Chain® Clinic

TP Chalk Talk MEDIUMThe KVC Clinic is based on Master’s level courses in knowledge strategy and competitive intelligence taught at two major universities by veteran practitioner Tim Powell. It’s conducted at your site, and typically takes 20 work hours to complete. Extended versions are also available. Pricing is comparable with more basic training offered by others.

The KVC Clinic goes beyond 101-level group training by incorporating hands-on learning and problem-solving exercises. Our goal is to accomplish useful, actionable work, not just chalk talking. The KVC has been used in presentations, workshops, and clinics with business, professional, and academic groups on four continents since being introduced in 1996.

Raise your return on knowledge

Your knowledge ROI will improve significantly as a result of the tools and techniques your team will gain in the KVC Clinic.  Benefits include how to:

  • Determine the differences between data, information, knowledge, and intelligence — and how to transform one into the other
  • Produce knowledge and intelligence that adds value and has immediate usefulness to decision makers
  • Consistently satisfy and anticipate the needs of your clients
  • Earn a seat at the table when key decisions are being made

Identify –> Solve > Benefit

The KVC Clinic employs a powerful combination of techniques to identify and solve knowledge problems:

  • Diagnostic assessments. We conduct confidential baseline KVC assessments during the Clinic using our “Points of Pain” technique and other proprietary diagnostic protocols. This allows participants to begin to recognize, diagnose, and solve their most pressing knowledge problems.
  • Team instruction. Basic Clinic materials are presented in classroom format. We reinforce core insights with corporate-quality graphics.
  • KVC Handbook. Each Clinic participant receives a copy of the The Knowledge Value Chain® Handbook containing slides and text, as well as other clinic discussion and reference materials.
  • Team discussion. Participants actively contribute successes worthy of scaling and problems worthy of solving. We discuss real-world examples of how the KVC framework applies to their own current situations.
  • Follow-up. The Clinic’s sponsoring organization receives a customized written summary of the group’s work.  This serves as a roadmap in creating follow-up initiatives to reinforce and build upon Clinic insights.
  • Credentialing.  Each successful Clinic participant receives an individual certificate of achievement.

Contact TKA

The KVC Clinic is available only from TKA.  Contact us now for more information.