Metrics That Matter

I had the great pleasure recently to address the students in Guy St. Clair’s class (K4301) at Columbia University’s Information and Knowledge Strategies (IKNS) program.  These are tomorrow’s leaders in developing and managing knowledge-based strategies.

My most challenging question

Of course I told them about the Knowledge Value Chain, and was gratified by their positive reactions.  I also got my most-received question — one that over time has also become one of my most challenging.

That question is, “What is your favorite metric for knowledge?

It’s a logical question, and one that it would be useful to know the answer to — if it could be answered definitively.  But there is no single correct answer.  And it’s challenging, in that it may signify that I have fallen short in my efforts to communicate my core message:  integrating knowledge tightly with business processes.

Inputs, outputs, outcomes

In the KVC Handbook 4.0 (upcoming) I identify three classes of metric that can be applied to knowledge processes and assets:  inputs, outputs, and outcomes.

Metrics arrows

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