Value demystified

KVC BoardWe’re obviously proud of our KVC model.   We think it helps explain a lot of the mystery surrounding “how to compete in the knowledge economy.”

But the KVC is more than just a theoretical framework.  At TKA, we use it every week as a tool to solve live client problems.  In our offices, we have a KVC whiteboard that helps us understand and solve these problems.   We’ve a developed a structured technique called Value Alignment™ that helps us identify a client’s distinctive sources of value, and bring them in line with the current needs of the market.

Here’s a photo of the whiteboard at the end of a typical session.  The client was in this case designing an information-based product offering, and TKA was helping him determine with some precision HOW and FOR WHOM value was to be created.

He liked what he found so much that he used it in a pitch to investors.  Using the KVC, he could graphically map exactly where and how his product fit into his customers’ value propositions.

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