Competing in the knowledge economy

Happy New Year!  Loyal readers will notice the new look, feel, and features of this site.  I want to acknowledge the talents and hard work of our developer, Tyler Gore, in making this all happen.

We’re also re-positioned the site.  It started life as a commercial site for the Knowledge Value Chain® and related activities.  While the KVC remains our “sponsor”, we feel that there is a higher purpose to be served.  Namely, observing and helping to foster an understanding of the massive economic shifts that we are now experiencing worldwide…in ways that we hope are informed, insightful, interesting—and most of all, useful to our readers.

Our economy has changed

What is the “knowledge economy”?  The term dates back over forty years to 1968, when management thinker Peter Drucker described it in detail in the chapter of the same name in his book The Age of Discontinuity.  In his words,  “From an economy of goods, which America was as recently as World War II, we have changed into a knowledge economy…The productivity of knowledge has already become the key to productivity, competitive strength, and economic achievement.

Drucker goes on to say that, where the center of the American work force had until that time been the assembly-line factory worker, “Today the center is the knowledge worker, the man or woman who applies to productive work ideas, concepts, and information rather than manual skill or brawn” [my emphasis].  That general description probably applies to most of you reading these words.

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