Workbook 3.2 now shipping

It’s here—the shiny (really!) new version 3.2 Knowledge Value Chain Workbook.  Our thanks to the TKA team and partners who made this happen.  Workbook designer John (“The Great”) Fantini and printer Craig (“On-Time”) Pace of Spectragraphic Inc. did yeoman service in getting this edition ready.  Mike (“Pool Boy”) Powell made extensive editorial comments, as did KVC “users” Kathy Walsh of Purdue Pharma and Stephen Lippman of Merrill Lynch.

For those of you with version 3.1, most of the changes are editorial, there is little new content this time (hence its “dot” number).

We have now shipped the book worldwide—most recently to Estonia and Korea—and welcome any feedback from those of you who have it or are using it.

 To order, click here.