TKA launches financial clinic

January 11, 2008, NEW YORK—The Knowledge Agency announced today that the new clinic Financial Intelligence:  A Value-Based ApproachTM is completed, and has now successfully completed field-testing at a major corporation.  “I’ve tried to put into a bottle those must-know things about using financial analysis to discover your rivals’ strategies,” says clinic developer and leader Tim Powell.  “These are skills I’ve developed and used every day in my work as a financial analyst, including ten years as a consultant in the Big Four firms.”

The one-day clinic is typically given at a client location, and includes practical modules that use real-world case examples.  Also included is a live exercise in which participants analyze their own company, then a major rival, for clues to the competitive dynamics in your industry.

Included are discussions of:

  • The 3 major financial statements, and how they interact
  • The 4 major categories of player in the financial information markets, and how they interact
  • The 4 most important SEC reports, and how to access the strategic information in each
  • Basic concepts like asset valuation, revenue recognition, depreciation and amortization, and ratio analysis
  • The 7 “red flags” that should always prompt you to dig deeper

While much financial information is public information, it’s often not “transparent”.  However, sustained, focused reasearch efforts can yeild many of the tactics and strategies a copamny is using.  In his New Yorker column “Open Secrets”, Malcolm Gladwell recently pointed out that a team of MBA students was able to predict the Enron meltdown using a comprehensive analysis of its financial statements. 

You too can learn how to see through the noise, and figure out what is really going on.  Use the “Contact” form to get further information.

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  1. This is neat! Have you considered a format which might provide CE credits for any seminars?
    HUGE business from what I’ve seen here!

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