CORRECTIONS to the KVC Workbook (Version 3.1)

Sharp readers of the KVC Workbook (Version 3.1) have spotted several typos:

  • Page 3, right column, 1st paragraph – change “necessary” to “necessarily”
  • Page 5, 1st line – change “rather” to “father”
  • Page 5, right column, 2nd paragraph – after “more”, insert “than”
  • Page 6, right column, 3rd paragraph, 6th line – change “the” to “to”
  • Page 7, 1st paragraph – change first “who” to “which”, and “their” to “its”
  • Page 10, 4th paragraph – after “of” insert “us”
  • Page 12, 2nd paragraph – change the second “do” to “conduct”
  • Page 23, 2nd paragraph – after “routinely” drop “and”
  • Page 28, 2nd paragraph, 2nd line – drop “we”
  • Page 30, 2nd line – change “know” to “known”
  • Page 32, 2nd paragraph, last line – after “$50,000” insert “car”
  • Page 40, 4th paragraph – after “company” insert “has taken”
  • Page 42, last paragraph – change “some” to “an”
  • Page 44, 3rd paragraph – drop the second “that”
  • Page 46, 1st paragraph – change “diagnosis” to “diagnose”
  • Page 62, 3rd paragraph – change “an” to “and”
  • Page 66, 2nd paragraph – drop second “you”
  • Page 74, 1st paragraph – after “way” insert “as”
  • Page 74, 3rd paragraph – change the second “your” to “you”
  • Page 79, slide fourth bullet – after “possible” insert “to”

Thanks, you know who you are!

 All of these (and more) changes are made in the new Version 3.2.

TKA in new offices

The Knowledge Agency has moved!  After a successful five-year run on Fifth Avenue, we’ve moved west to the Hudson River waterfront.

Effective November 1, 2007, TKA’s  address is:

The Knowledge Agency®

548 West 28th Street

New York, NY 10001, USA

That’s in the Hudson Yards area the New York Times recently profiled as one of the fastest-developing business centers in New York.  Several major art galleries, publishing, and technology firms have already relocated from midtown to here.  Soon Ogilvy and Mather, Morgan Stanley, News Corporation, and Condé Nast are said to be moving their headquarters here.  We have some interesting neighbors!

We’re also in the process of modernizing  and upgrading our phone and Internet systems based on fiber optic T1 technology.  Phone numbers stay the same.

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