A rose by any other name

I didn’t start out to become a business researcher (though, in hindsight, that was the first professional role I was paid for).  I started out to become a physician, and completed the four year-long courses needed to enter medical school—inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology.  This took much of my time, energy, and waking thoughts for two years in college.  And though I later decided not to pursue medicine as a career, it was not time wasted.  I often find myself using scientific thinking, or referring by analogy to some principle of science to understand a business problem.

Modern science is based on the scientific method—hypotheses are developed, then tested for validity in the real world.  Eventually, some become known as theories.  Others are so time-tested and reliably true that they are known as laws.  The scientific method is a specialized kind of knowledge value chain.

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